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Our Clients

From our awesome clients —

"Alex surpassed my expectations by accurately targeting specific influencer categories and successfully reaching out to them at scale, ensuring our collaborations were not only relevant but also highly impactful. Alex surpassed her agreed-upon KPIs and left behind a playbook that enabled us to manage the process in-house long-term."

Alex Miller
Alex Miller, Strategy & Operations @ OpenStore

"Alex is a branding visionary and we’re beyond thrilled with the ROI on her consulting. She always hits a bulls eye on marketing, copywriting, and UI/UX. I've been working with her for years and am always thrilled with the results, Most recently she 3X our top of funnel leads in just 2 months. She’s a chameleon who works seamlessly with our diverse portfolio of companies and founders, and always gets the job done with excellence."

Sharon Winter
Sharon Winter, VP @ Atomic.VC

"Alex has a proven track record of building highly engaged social channels and influencer networks. Having her consult for our team was the reboot we needed for best practices on tactical strategies and larger community building initiatives."

AmyAnn Cadwell
AmyAnn Cadwell, Founder @ The Good Trade

Influencer Marketing

our north star is always your ROI

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What We Do

Build a collab strategy within your budget to meet your business goals

Compile a database with thousands of targeted influencers

Outreach through mass emails and DMs with industry-high conversion rate

Keep everything organized in our proprietary CRM with built-in automations

Create editorial-style posting guides to focus influencers and content

Manage entire collab from start to finish to maximize your ROI

Our Successes

Secured collaborations with over 240 creators per month with a 9X ROI

Produced 7.6K deliverables per month (stories, posts, and content creation)

Grew #company impressions from 1K to 19M on TikTok in 10 months

Got over 500 @company tags per week in organic content (UGC)

Scaled collaborations consistently by 30% month-over-month

Worked with influencers of all sizes from micro to macro including celebrities Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Haibon, and more


We are Influencer Marketing experts with over a decade of experience in building and scaling influencer programs with industry-high returns (checkout our recent feature in Business Insider). 

First we identify, reach, and activate the best influencers at scale. Then we create exciting and inspired materials to power your outreach. We manage the entire process from pitch to post so you can sit back and watch your business grow.

Websites & Apps

we build digital experiences

What We Do

Design a seamless and visually stunning customer flow (UI/UX)

Optimize conversions via calls-to-action and proven conversion flows

Write copy and create content that’s brand-aligned and SEO-optimized

Deliver on established timelines and exceed expectations

Manage your entire project from start to finish to create your dream product

Our Successes

Developed over 40 websites and apps with a focus on interactive design

Delivered a 24X ROI on landing pages, converting $250K in ARR in just 30 days

Launched two successful marketplace apps growing both to 100K users in 1 year

Secured $9 million in Venture Funding for our websites and apps

Created 15+ landing pages raking in top #1 to 5 spots on Google


Whether you need a refresh or want to build something from scratch, we have launched dozens of websites and apps. We specialize in consumer, e-commerce, fashion, marketplaces, media, AR/VR, and Web3.

Our design and technology experts come together to deliver a stunning interface that tells your brand’s story and stands the test of time. Your KPIs are at the forefront, as we optimize for customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. Our goal is to wow your customers not just today, but always.


your community is your future marketing team

What We Do

Manage everything for you:
posts, engagement, followers, & analytics

Design tailored content strategy to grow your community

Create original content that’s fresh, fun, and inspired

Partner with creators to generate powerful user generated content (UGC)

Develop and execute a content calendar for IG, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more

Unify an omni-channel brand voice and identity across all platforms

Our Successes

Organically grew multiple IG and TikTok accounts by 10K in just a few months

Grew #company impressions from 1K to 19M on TikTok in 10 months

Secured industry-high 3%+ engagement rate for multiple clients

Concurrently managed 43 content calendars with 1,080 posts for 1 client

Drove conversions from social media to app downloads, purchases, and more


If there’s one thing we know it’s social media - just ask @sustainabae (aka our founder, Alex). From TikTok to LinkedIn, we are masters of developing and unifying your brand’s voice on every channel.

Our strategy is simple: empower your followers to be active and engaged, mobilizing them into your very own marketing army. With a community-first approach we offer your audience the tools to genuinely and quantifiably amplify your brand.

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eyes on the prize - your KPIs

What We Do

Set achievable and scalable KPIs to measure success

Ensure marketing is ROI-positive and driving your bottom line

A/B test the best strategy for you from referral programs to IRL events

Implement proven affiliate and influencer programs

Consistently deliver month-over-month KPI growth

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Our Successes

Grew 3 clients by 100K active users each in 10 months or less

Consistently delivered 30% month-over-month user and revenue growth

Implemented multiple referral programs driving 40-80% of total users

Generated over 10,000 combined 5-star App Store reviews for our clients

Created email campaigns resulting in over $250K annual revenue in first 30 days

Secured strategic partnerships with Brita, Fleek, Fre Skincare, Helpsy Source, MAC Cosmetics, Pop Chips, Uber, and more


We bring a proven track record from multiple companies, growing from 0 to over 100K users in months, not once but three times. Whether you need 500 five-star reviews ASAP or want consistent 30%+ MoM growth, we know what it takes to get you there.

Our creative approach has one goal in mind - empower your users to function as your very own marketing army. We achieve this through interactive calls to action, referral and affiliate programs, and even user-experience features. Our specialties include mobile apps, marketplaces, and social networks.

Fundraising & Pitch decks

power your pitches with our proven models

What We Do

Create stellar pitch decks that are positioned to win

Set up your “Investor Management” pipeline with automations and analytics

Customize your strategy and create lead lists of targeted investors

Help you secure warm intros for maximum responses

Design and copywrite all your materials from one-sheets to email templates

Our Successes

Personally raised over $9 million in Venture Capital for our own startups

Raised from notable investors including Sequoia Scout Fund, Techstars, Primer Sazze Partners, Jason Calacanis, Sean Kane, Maria Shibeava, and more

Built winning pitch decks resulting in over $10M of total capital raised by clients

Created variations of the same pitch deck for different “types” of investors

Experienced in creating all materials including One Sheet, Teaser Deck, Pitch Deck, Partnership Decks, and more


We’ve been in your shoes before. There’s a method to the fundraising madness and we know the formula. Let us help you source the right capital from crowdfunding, angel investors, and even venture capital.

Our team has a proven track record of raising venture capital both as CEOs ourselves, as well as consulting on clients’ successful raises. From strategizing your materials, and messaging, to helping you close, we are there every step of the way as your trusted partner that’s dedicated to your success.

Sustainability & Impact

where profitability and planet align

What We Do

Create easy-to-implement programs that legitimately reduce your footprint

Partner with leaders and influencers in the sustainability space

Communicate and present your initiatives in engaging and exciting way

Launch marketing campaigns and events with sustainability at the core

Develop local, state, and national community programs and events

Our Successes

Created sustainable newsletters and email marketing at scale

Implemented multiple successful carbon neutrality programs

Hosted 200+ booths at events nationwide including Flea Markets, Farmer’s Markets, Vintage Events, and more

Planned sustainability events at top venues with over 150 attendees, and secured Manish Chandra (CEO of Poshmark) as speaker for event

Our founder Alex is certified by Al Gore as a Climate Leader


In a recent IBM study, it was found that 70% of Gen Z consumers base their purchasing decisions on environmental responsibility. At Trailblaze, we believe that planet and profitability power one another. 

With a focus on your business goals and KPIs, we create and execute sustainable strategies that drive customer acquisition and foster a thriving mission-driven community. We are experts in sustainable programs including carbon offset and neutrality, recycling or return programs, community events, and lots more.

Our Toolkit


Alex Shadrow, Founder

Alex Shadrow is a third generation sustainability entrepreneur and marketing expert with a proven track record in scaling businesses, securing significant investments, and fostering dynamic communities. Her strategic insights drive substantial revenue and user growth for a diverse client portfolio that includes the LA Clippers and Atomic Venture Capital.

Notably, Alex raised $1M as the CEO of Relovv, a platform for buying and selling second-hand fashion, from high profile investors including the prestigious Techstars Venture Accelerator and Sequoia Capital Scout Fund. She also secured $100K in venture funding for UNItiques, a college-focused marketplace. As the Head of Marketing and Community at Jamble, a live-stream marketplace, she propelled the company from pre-revenue to 6-figure monthly recurring revenue and hundreds of thousands of users in just 10 months.

Beyond her business achievements, Alex is certified as a Climate Leader by Al Gore and is a recurring speaker at Harvard University's Women in Business Conference, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability and thought leadership in entrepreneurship and business strategy. During her free time, Alex shares her sustainability journey on her instagram: @sustainabae and sits on the advisory board of Ecosystem and Simply Youth Institute.

Akshay, Technology and Development
Cheeyoon, Product Design
Daley, Marketing and Growth
Chanel, Social Media and Communications
Caroline, Growth and Communications
Allyssa, Social Media and Content

Alex in the press —

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